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AwPT = All-ways Pursuing Truth, Chief Kurt Riggin; Cody Snodgres
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Donald Grahn / Truth vs. NEW$
Published 2 months ago |
Dec. 14 - 2 important Interviews with 2 tested, (targeted?*) True Patriots sacrificing for truth, law, and justice.
Chief Kurt Riggin cites a current, unbelievable law case, and several rogue agency situations (Infraguard, CRIS, CAFR, Uranium One) you should know about.
Then, at ~28:45 Cody Snodgres unloads on on all the exciting excrement hitting the fan...

*both these legal expert / eyewitness experts (in Colorado) have been deathly sick over this Thanksgiving period!! Need your prayers for restored health and protection.

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