Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane: The Soul-Trap-Light Device. By Aug Tellez
25 views • 09/08/2022

Video sources: Healing Aug "Soul Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET" Healing Aug "Trickoflight3Aliensandthelight, Death Experience, Moon Base, Soul-Trap-Light Device"

Quote: "Physical death was an experience. I am fairly certain I was flashed by a light after I popped out of the body and turned into a 360 degree viewing "orb" of spirit. This device came over after a few "seconds" or maybe immediately, and "sucked" my energy up into a twisty spiral tube that shot me off at the speed of light to a "containment" zone. The UFO or "egyptian death boat" was guided by one of these beings or at least I felt a "consciousness" kind of smirking as it was "transporting" me to this "containment zone" in space or what felt like the moon or maybe deep underground in the Earth."

"Is this plane a cosmic school or a prison planet? How did this society become so controlled? Are people automatons, software, or immortal souls seeking fulfillment and liberation from the lower base desires of consciousness? The organic and inorganic is present here. The organic is that which life is derived from. The inorganic is that which life degrades into, or is not identified by. The beginning of the trend towards inorganic is lower awareness, lack of self-awareness, desires or animalistic instinctual existence not guided by soul or eternal values. Free-will is required to rise out of animalistic consciousness. Lack of self-awareness is represented by animalistic nature and behavior. The lower realms are automated and based on lower desires like fear, lust, greed, hate and deception. The higher realms are self-aware and based on free-will and creation, compassion, knowledge and truth. We were informed that there is more than one version of "Earth". Earth is a realm guided by intent and collective bio-emissions. The dark erred to the point where they need to fulfill a contractual quota of the people through energy and belief. The people erred to the point where they are incapable of existing without the ruling elite. The resolution is to give the ruling elite a pathway out of this cyclic system through energy cultivation methods while enabling the people to learn independent, self-awareness, truth, self-control, harmony and free-will."

"Moksha from Earth" about the lighttrap:

"Archons rule Earth" about the 7 planetary rulers:

"Dark Side of Jesus" about John, the true Christos:

Watch: "Jesus was a Usurper",-John-the-Baptist-was-the-True-Christ.-The-Johannite-Tradition.:9

Watch: "The Templar Revelation"

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