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Was the AIDS-HIV campaign but a prelude to the COVID-19 mega fraud
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Peter R. Breggin, MD
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Published a year ago

Did you know that AIDS-HIV campaign was  but a prelude to the COVID-19 mega fraud?  Nearly all the same hoaxes and scientific frauds aimed at increasing the wealth and power of Anthony Fauci, the big government health agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, the investors, and the elites.  

Host Peter  Breggin MD has an in-depth discussion with Rebecca Culshaw, PhD,  a mathematician working with disease models, and author of The Real AIDS Epidemic.  Both find that AIDS was a warm up for COVID-18.  There was the same suppression of good inexpensive treatments and the touting of disastrous expensive ones.  The same false testing and the same oppression of anyone dissenting from the narrative and ultimately. And the same insane rush to make a vaccine that there never was.  

Dr. Breggin concludes there was one big difference between the conduct of the AIDS and the COVID-19 campaign.  This time they decided to go ahead with vaccines that they know don’t work and that kill people. 

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