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Best Resources For Qanon Research | Must Watch
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Published 2 years ago |
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What is the best way to get the general idea of Q and the Great Awakening?
The FAQ is probably the best way. Almost all articles online are disinformation. You can watch this video:

This video puts it in very general terms without any evidence or proof. For evidence that Qanon is a real military intelligence operation and not a person in their basement having fun, see this link to Q Proofs

This is a video that teases out the mainstream talking points and shows the dissonance when compared to the high profile arrests of sexual predators such as Jeffrey Epstein.
Also check out the who is q videos by Praying Medic, Jordan Saether and other thought leaders in the movement.

Who can I follow on Twitter to understand the great awakening and Qanon?

Who Can I follow on Youtube regarding Qanon

Jordan Saether

Research websites:

What books are good for normies to understand the great awakening?
Neon revolt and Praying medic have books that explain Qanon in detail.

Where can I find graphics to understand the Great Awakening?

What are the links to the Q Research Boards?
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