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Why Covid lasts longer than just the virus-10 days and How to combat it with Chlorine Dioxide
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published 3 months ago |
If you get Covid-19, you are generally under quarentine for about 10 days. However, you probably know that there are a ton of weird side effects that happen after those 10 days. Headaches, tiredness, tinnitus, brain fog, not tasting or smelling stuff, etc etc etc. Here I give a medical explanation of why this happens and why it lasts for months after. I also give some simple helps with chlorine dioxide that can help you to get through this part after the virus is long gone. If I had to go through that experience again, I would have been more consistent in taking clo2 for the several weeks (and possibly months) after my infection of covid-19.

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