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** TORSION PHYSICS - Tesla Technology Unveiled ** - Reese – 14/Apr/2021
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Published 2 months ago |
US Navy Announces New Technology That Can Change The Fabric Of Reality
- Banned.Video, Greg Reese, 14/Apr/2021
It appears as if UFO technology is being made public
• I would say take it with a grain of salt, you know FRB which is connected to Iran since their first contract with congress, has been caught repeatedly abducting people and claiming to be extraterrestrials. The FBI is connected to this, thru the abuse of Federal Marshalls of these the United States of America, the whole mess of course if you look at the videos about the subject being pushed online is that the CIA is doing it... Since the 40's/50's FBI has repeatedly been caught imitating the CIA, hurting Americans because they are afraid of Iranain sleeper cells, and retribution for the crimes the FBI has committed on behalf of Iranain sleeper cells... Notice in the 90's if you broadly looked up government failures, and conspiracies, you would find nearly equal numbers of stories between Law Enforcement, and Intelligence services. Starting after the William Jefferson Clinton mis-administration, suddenly everything was blaming the CIA specifically, for pretty much everything... Who could have falsified evidence and obtained warrants, and other court instruments to compel such a stark shift... The FBI regularly obtains warrants, and there are multiple cases, with settlements over incurred damages, because the FBI cannot even figure out what house to raid. Or that throwing a flask bang in a crib is likely unnecessary to apprehend a small child... I am not saying there are not significant technologies which have not reached the public sector... But like Tesla didn't just tell the whole world how to make a fully functional death ray... Or as JFK warned the press should be aware of the effects of the stories they print... Even if this material is legitimate and is being released. With great knowledge comes great responsibility.
• Q worked with Tesla and JFK jr to release this technology to the white hates in the Navy. Now InfoWars is trying to capitalize on this news to insert themselves into the announcement. Alex was demoted by Q for doing this stuff. Alex now reports to Mike Lindell in the CIA. Don’t believe these reports until Q releases them on 8kun.
• Time travel maybe? I'm not claiming it to be true but someone said that JFK jr's GEORGE magazine predicted the events happening today. Look up his 2020 magazine, It's a real magazine , it's entirely possible, it's also possible it's a psy op , so keep your wits about you. The fight's coming either way, prepare with mosquito repellant and infowars products but most importantly god and the fight will be won.
• Another fascinating report. It seems like wave theory is being investigated as means to construct a unified field theory of the four known forces. Implicit are ideas about the malleability of the dimensions as well as the substance of reality that are pretty avante garde. Seems like they do know some things they're not yet ready to share
• I knew it. The alien disclosure thing has always been a hoax. Those UFO'S were ours!
• The US government is just as creepy and weird as the Chinese government
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