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A Warrior Calls
Published 3 months ago | is the place the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION.

Job 32 - 21 {its right there for the wrorld to see,,, King James bible they are removing this from web based bibles
Pastor Art is exactly what it man should be who loves his fellow man and world ....
A light is very bright within this man... and it's time that light was in all of you....

The world must see this .... this is huge for every man and woman to understand right now... this will stop all this evil around us.

The people show the world how we access our public courthouse properly outside of the BAR a private society that ONLY DEALS in a LEGAL world...that which is INCORPORATED [also a legal person when a man or woman acts as a legal person].... that is ALL the legal world deals in... it doesn't apply to a man or woman or people that is a Lawful world... and the people are not to know this and why our world is in the state it is in....yet one very simple truth being shown here to the world is what will save our world and so much more right now if we can just come together and bring a bright light into a public courthouse and let the world see it laid before all the people... and in that moment real change will manifest.

Ignorance Is The Enemy
Knowledge is the Solution

God speed people it's time to stand up and get this done together.
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