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#267: How Canada Became a Police State—John Carpay
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Patrick Coffin Show
Published 5 months ago |
Attorney John Carpay is a voice crying in the Canadian wilderness against the self-evident tyranny and hysteria behind the Covid crisis. He is the founder and president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms in Calgary, and is fighting legal battles across the country.

Carpay also gave an outstanding talk at the Truth Over Fear summit, which I highly recommend. What is happening in Canada is simply a more aggressive version of what’s happening elsewhere. Too few Canadians are standing up for their own rights. John Carpay wants to change that.

In this episode you will learn:
👉The stages toward totalitarianism
👉How the elites foment and manipulate fear to drive their agenda
👉The true dangers of the so-called vaccines and the problem with mandates and passports requiring them
👉The scandalous weakness of most Christian leaders, including every Catholic bishop, in rolling over for Caesar
👉The lack of true science behind every Covid-related mandate
👉How Gerald Cardinal Lacroix of Quebec outdid the government’s diktats in closing churches all through Christmas into January 2022
👉The brazen two-tier/second class citizenry system created by PM Justin Trudeau
👉Tips to motivate more people to stop complying

Resources recommended in this episode:
👉Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms website
👉Truth Over Fear summit, featuring John Carpay, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Peter McCullough—40 experts on how to fight the Covid-tyranny
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