CERN Opening The Portal to Destruction
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CERN; was recently fired up again within the last couple of weeks.

The Facts we know about CERN;

17-mile Large Hadron Collider, biggest machine ever built. CERN is proposed and carried out quantum Vortex experiments searching for Solar Axions. Axions are hypothetical particles that are components of dark matter. In order to find these Axions CERN used of a powerful magnet which created a magnet field called SATAN. It was an acronym for Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna. Particles collide and the ones that disappear shoot into another dimension?


Located on the border of France and Switzerland.

The town that the LHC complex is situated-Saint Genis Pouilly-was in Roman times called Apolliacum,


The town and a temple were dedicated to Apollyon; Lot of issues to build here, why was this site so very important?

APOLLYON. The Greek name, meaning "Destroyer," given in Revelation 9:11 for "the angel of the bottomless pit" (in Hebrew called Abaddon), also identified as the king of the demonic "locusts" described in Revelation 9:3-10...


Unknown but claims about this location being over the Abyss, was CERN located here to open the Abyss? Revelation 9

Why are Satanic ceremonies held there, “Human Sacrifice” and dances to The Hindu god Sheva?

Why is the mascot Sheva the god of destruction and rebirth?

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