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Mossberg MC2c - Slim, Safe, Efficient. Best 9mm for 2020 Buyers?
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0:00 Familiar Box
0:48 Clean and Lube
1:04 Dummy Rounds
1:19 Laser and Mantis
1:37 Rounds per
2:21 Kinetic Energy
2:54 Slide
3:08 DLC
3:53 Sight Reflection
4:43 Slide Serrations
5:55 Bore Axis
6:52 Trigger
7:29 IWB Thin
8:07 Grip Height
8:37 Width
9:00 Shootability
9:20 vs Competition
10:18 MC2C Summation
11:18 Safe Takedown
12:33 Clean Striker
12:50 Safer, Cleaner, Sleeker
13:10 Popular with Everyone
13:28 Weight
14:09 Applegate Grip Index
15:35 Mantis App
15:59 Training Aids
16:15 Magazines
16:35 Mag Release
17:27 Paddle Mag Release
18:16 KelTec P17
19:13 Fudd Shotguns
20:07 Advantage over Peers
22:04 Best Glock 48
23:43 Interchangeability

Pistol Rounds per Size & Weight spreadsheet

Mossberg MC2c

Mantis X10 Elite

9mm Training Laser

.380 Training Laser

Glock 9mm Dummy Rounds

Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back

Desantis Intimidator 2.0 OWB Holster

Desantis Slim Tuk IWB Holster

Tru Glow Sights Sig (Mossberg)

If you want the absolute best G48 out of the box, get a MC2c. If you want the pride of owning an American made handgun, get the MC2c. If you don’t mind all of the third party upgrades (sights, mag button, S15 mags) go with the G48. If you like the idea of keeping your striker channel clean, MC2c.
mc2cmossberg mc2c9mmpistol

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