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The Quickening - A Quantum Consciousness Hip Hop Compilation ((432Hz))
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Published 10 months ago |
This musical tapestry plays out like a soundtrack to one's profound spiritual awakening. Have you felt that quickening within yourself? when things seem and feel very sped up, compressed, sporadic, overwhelming, overbearing, on the edge of your seat, restless, wired, hungry for knowledge, an unquenchable thirst to pierce the veils that blind you to the true nature of reality and your higher self. the energy levels are at full throttle & you're charged and compelled to find what you're seeking & trying to activate within yourself. Like a volcano within you is on the verge of erupting. How are you going to properly ventilate & channel that energy towards propelling you to understanding & aligning to where your soul's desire want to go? How will you navigate & integrate all that while avoiding the nets, traps, snares & distractions which de-tract you from reaching those goals of enlightenment?

you almost feel that there's a make or break moment within yourself and/or in the world/society and the clock's ticking or the spirals are tightening.. you feel like certain things need to immediately stop or change in your life, behaviors & thought processes in order to permanently cross whatever threshold to a better sense of being- those threshes holding you back- whether it be from the exterior or interior, ultimately one has to take full response-ability for their lives & well being, which involves a lot of education, awareness & apophatic inquiries to say the least...
yet things feel non-linear.. you've been able to process & do things at an irate rate..

You’re reinventing yourself, opening yourself up to everything, every emotion, thoughts, energetic frequencies.. you’re letting go of everything outside of your core essence to allow your vessel to be a clear channel to your true authentic self, you’re transmuting, transforming, translating, tempering and transcending..

Heard a bit of some build & destroy sentiments in this one & in a few previous mixes? well, the alchemical process is just that.. it's a process of destroying or letting go of the falsities about us, what we think we know, & things not serving our highest good, while building up and coelescing the fragments & inner gnosis of what does serve our highest good, moral principles, truth, others and this planet..

you're syncing with things you haven't before, & you're noticing more as the intrigue increases.. you're going thru a multitude of paradigm shifts and as overwhelming and challenging as they may be, you're still hungry for more.. The number of times your views & feelings on reality, creation, and your place all up in it expands, elevates, & changes so much, it almost seems like a daily basis during this quickening phase.. Someone, possibly yourself lit such a huge fire under your ass that you became obsessed with a burning passion to activate your true authentic self and learn how to properly navigate everything by under/over/innerstanding how the whole cosmosis of reality functions in regards to Cosmic Law, Keylontic Science, The Mechanics of consciousness and how to tap more into your multidimensional self, and yes, being able rise above & also help resolve all the forms of mental & physical toxicity in this post-apocalyptic era

This mix relates to a recent release titled Mystik Metaphorensiks which featured a heavy does of double-time fast rapping.. I thought it would make sense, since i had a lot of tracks leftover that didn't make the cut, to incorporate a fast-paced lyrical project based around the quickening/awakening process.. The end result is pretty mind blowing to say the least, so buckle up & open those inner ears cuz we're lyrically taking a journey thru quantum leaps of consciousness


Insight & Reflection - TrustOne, Edgar IsReal, Rinasanz
Itchin For A... The Grouch & DJ Bizarro
King of Styles - Labtekwon
Hidden Track - Firewater
The Energy - Aceyalone
Hitch Hiker's Guide - Scarub
Quantum Mechanics - Gift Of Gab (verse)
Submerge (snippet) - Wormhole
Hide & Seek - Kalki ft. Alessa Bless
False Truth - Epedos
Corridorz ofThe Mind - Ultraman
A Thousand Petals - Son Of Saturn
Song of The Serpent - Goddess Alchemy Project
IndieVisual - Emphasize ft. Haez One
Make It Reign - Audiopharmacy
Words - Eligh
Mentalic - Acid Reign
Talk To Myself - Very
S.O.S. (Sight Of Signs) - Kaotic Souls
Puzzlepeace - Stranded
We Restless (snippet) - Very & DJ Drez
Tha 3 Suns - Scienz Of Life
Interstice N*3 Interkif - DJ Kep
Innerconnect - Kensho & Tenzen
Reflections - Elevated Elements
Ancient Astronauts - Jewelz Infinite ft. Orko Eloheim
Muraqaba - Illuminati Congo, J Mega & Chief Kamachi & Son Of Saturn
Inner Light - Zion I (R.I.P.)
Intro - Arata
Better W/ Time - Bicasso ft. Pep Love
Accept-Ability - El*A*Kwents
The Cosmic Game - Thievory Corporation x Sethikus Boza

Arranged, Mixed & Produced in 432Hz on 14/9/2021 in Quimper, France by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind

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