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'Legality of the EMFs', with Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett
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Published 5 years ago
Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett Interviewed By Interoccupy Group and EMF Harm International

It is critically important people listen to the interview that is applicable to everyone without exception. There is no other agenda than to represent the science used and science missed plus the complexity of blanket Electromagnetic Radiation. EMFs are an electrical interaction first before they hit something. As Government Certified Electrical Professional we use 60 Hz EMFs for generation and utilization of electricity. RF EMFs are EMFs used for Radio Frequency Communication but it is still an electrical circuit except it isn’t insulated and everything hit by the RF EMFs is being used for the conductor. Here is the outline of the Radio Program.

Agenda- 8/20/ 15 – Guest Curtis Bennett will talk about how
the EMFs are incredibly dangerous as applied, including raging forest fires, and an assault on everything on the planet.

Curtis says, This is ramping up and we are dealing with the legality of the EMFs. Frank Clegg the former President of Microsoft Canada said the Burden of Proof linking the frequencies to adverse health effects would cost millions.

We already spent the millions and 10,000 hours to substantiate the Burden of Proof. That has been lectured for CME credits and is now medical education recognized in every state and every province now.
We will be talking about the fires raging in Calif, and will see how we are substantiating causation linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Curtis will be sharing information and letters sent as Auditors and Attorney Generals jump in.

Curtis says industry and government told no one what they are doing.
Texas groups are working with Curtis about how smart meters as one wireless technology is illegal as applied.

100% of what we are doing is in the best interests of all or we will kill the economy and degrees will no longer be applicable(even for Architects)

Interview with Thermoguy Curtis Bennett by William Thomas | Thermoguy

Lest there be any doubt, this plain-speaking electrician insists, “We’re not here jokin’ around. We’re not here to lobby and opinion. We work for the government of B.C., the government of Canada. We work for due process. Not for a weak-ass administrator who decided to step outside of that.”
As an adviser to B.C. municipalities and the Canadian Forces, as well as an expert witness in an ongoing Oregon lawsuit involving smart meters, Curtis Bennett carries clout. And he is not alone in his desire to see B.C.’s Premier and Energy Minister brought to justice.
“These guys need to be arrested and charged with criminal negligence,” he says, mixing genders. “Is it okay for them to hurt somebody’s children? One-hundred percent, no. Does their stupidity and greed absolve them? No.”
As professional electricians, Professor Curtis Bennett says, “We can’t watch people get hurt and shut up. You or I would be accountable. These guys, it’s their job as elected officials.”
His message to every federal, provincial or local official who approved or apologies for smart meters and their cell phone tower kin: “You’re hurting people. What did you do with the weight of evidence reports in regards to towers and frequencies?”
There is no delaying 5G deployment, it is illegal right now. Regarding “Health Risks”, Sudden Cardiac Death, inducing current or affecting mitochondria isn’t a risk, it is bio-electrical hell and death.”When it comes to the effects of pervasive wireless pollution, doctors are asking Curtis Bennett,”What’s going to happen?”
“Extinction,” this EMF expert says succinctly. “This is the biggest threat to mankind.”
Wireless radiation for ease of communication is illegal and deadly to planet earth. It is a weapon of mass destruction without a margin of error.
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