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Flat Earth Truth - Waking Up The Sheeple
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The plane terra, our world, is created by God Almighty and not formed from a random big bang from nothingness. The earth is flat and stationary. A globe is a lie INVENTED by satan, to hide God Almighty. Please do not mock God's creation. If you don't believe that the earth is flat and stationary, I will say that you and all those who believe in the globe lie, have been indoctrinated by satan, he is the father of all lies and the deceiver of the whole world. Please don't fall for CGI and photoshopped images, do research instead. The earth is flat and you can't miss that! You only need to go outside and see how flat it is. There are over 200+ scriptures pointing to a flat and stationary earth. Read the book of Enoch, you will be amazed what was hidden from us for so long. Please watch other videos in my PLAYLIST tab. Mini video: Repost from channel: Flat Earth Music: Deus Ex - Icarus - Augmented Mix Graphic by Paul Cheeft Bill Nye does an interview with Big Think and *admits* that the Earth is a closed system and there's no way to leave. By definition, a closed system is a system in which the only thing that can be transferred with its surroundings is energy. A sealed box is a perfect example of a closed system: nothing that's contained within it can come out, and nothing on the outside can come in. Bill Nye and the “Closed System” Quote NASA Lies ..... There Is No Such Thing As Space Nikon P1000 Star Zoom from Flat and Motionless Earth. For more videos, please visit:  @Vlad on Flat Earth  Please visit my channel on you tube: Sound Doctrine - ​

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