Lines in the Sky
209 views • 12/16/2019
c. 2002 – Mike Caraway

CHORUS: Lines in the sky, oh me oh my,
Can’t be denied, kiss your dreams goodbye,
Oily clouds high across the sun fly,
Some kind of tie to the big lie,
Maybe to smother lovers or to whack us quiet and slow,
(cover for UFO’s),
Maybe for microwave attacks or holographic shows,
But the people down below don’t seem to want to know ‘bout the sky.

There’s a hex written over our heads, somebody must want us dead,
Even the weather cannot be trusted no more,
Belief in the authorities, and the hope of livin peacefully
Are the casualties of this extra-low-frequency war.
We have to hold each other tight now, as the horsemen tear across the night,
The love we share is what we are here for.


“What a lovely sunset”, she said, as I slapped my hand on my forehead,
“Pink, orange, red, it’s never been so bright”,
And the weather man called the skies fair, as I ran my hand across my hair,
Cause they’re dumpin tons of somethin in our air that looks dry and white.
They’re tryna make their death-dealin fakery replace our sweet reality
Where we share our inheritance in the light.


There’s a greasy halo round the moon, smoky swirls choke the sun at noon,
It looks like rain, but there ain’t a drop to be seen,
The politics of control has its talons wrapped around our soul,
As the world jumps up and down like a drunken clown’s dream.
Now is not the time to turn away from one another,
no, let’s hold fast to the first and last,
Share waters of rest and pastures so green.


The shroud’s hangin in the still air, we don’t have any energy to spare,
As the magic show draws a curtain across our mind,
They rule thru fear and secrecy, only the truth will keep us free
From their deadly, sly, intergalactic crime.
This is what we’re facin in the last days, as we wait together to be raised
Up thru the haze, to leave this place behind.

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