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Radiant Israel, a special events and tour company founded “as a means to build the bridges between nations of the world & Israel” has released a video decrying the COVID-19 lockdowns and passports as “wicked” and “demonic” and compares them to a second Holocaust.

Radiant Israel founder Gilad Rosinger released a video on the Radiant Israel Facebook page decrying the actions taken by the Israeli government to pressure people to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and only allow those who have taken it to participate in society.

“Israel, unbelievably, is the leader in this global demonic deception,” said Rosinger. “There’s a saying in Israel that goes, “Never again.” Every Holocaust Day, every year there’s a day to celebrate the Holocaust, to remember, not to celebrate what happened, but to celebrate the fact that Israel has its independent state, and never again will the Jewish people be killed. Never again will the murder of innocent people take place. That is what, supposedly, this Jewish nation is founded upon.”

“Israel has just passed this green passport system. Do you understand what this is? This is a program where they are only allowing the people that have been vaccinated to participate in society,” Rosinger explained. “To go to restaurants, to go to malls, to go to theaters, to go to sporting events. That’s right If you do not submit to this wicked, demonic, tyrannical agenda, if you choose to say, ‘I’m not ready to participate in this experimental program’, then you are now considered a second class citizen in Israel.”

“There is no sugar coating this, this is exactly what’s happening,” he added. “Where are the international human rights courts on this? Where are the lawsuits? Where is the outrage?”

According to The Jerusalem Post, the green passport program allows those enrolled – Israelis who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from the virus – to once again leave their homes and go to “Gyms, theaters, hotels, concerts, and synagogues” that have “registered under the green passport program” and “will be able to operate.”
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