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Straight Shooting News - Resist Now - Unmasking The Faces of Evil III (part 3/3)
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Published 9 months ago |
This is our final, 3 of 3 parts to SSN Nov 7th. Our final segment is about Special Investigator Durham’s actions. This is no longer about Trump or a simple Political Dirty Trick, this was Sedition and Conspiracy to destroy a President.

All who were involved knowingly or unknowingly must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or We No Longer have a Constitutional Form of Government! Smith Mundt Reorganization act of 2013 must be challenged as it allows propaganda to be used in the U.S. on We The People.

Let’s look at why this is occurring.
Jesse Watters: This claim changed the course of US politics

Why would Democrats, and Intelligence Agencies go to this extent? What were they attempting to cover up? The media points at the just the Clinton campaign, and emails, but we dig deeper and review the impeachment hearing and what took place under President Obama, VP Biden and Sec of State Kerry.

Fiona Hill and Devin Nunes
Fusion GPS:

Rep. Elise Stefanik’s full questioning of Hill and Williams, Ukraine’s Zelinsky and President Trump, military aid came from Trump, Biden or Obama sent blankets. No Investigation into Biden?

Stefanik on Lt. Col. Vindman:

Stefanik questions Amb. Yovanovitch about Burisma. Stefanik was involved in Ukraine OP:

What was really going on between the US, Ukraine and Russia. Why were attacks on Trump all about Russia?

VP Joe Biden brags about getting Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Is this about something more diabolical that Joe and Hunter cashed in on?

What was Obama, Biden’s and John Kerry’s Part? What is John Durham really investigating? Nov 26, 2014, Biden remarks in Kiev Ukraine.

US Sec of State Mar 4, 2014, John Kerry offers aid to Ukraine.

Russian forces enter Crimea; Mar 2, 2014 Pro-Russia protests, Ukrainians calling Russians their family:

What happened under the Obama/Biden/Kerry Watch?
The untold story of Maidan Massacre and the snipers. Feb 12, 2015:

Now, who just allowed Russia to build an energy pipeline to Europe, as Rep McCarthy referenced in our opening? Who is undermining U.S. and International Security, and why?

Again, what is John Durham really investigating?

How deep does this all go? Is Igor Danhenko just another diversion?

John Ratcliffe on latest indictment in Durham probe:
Who is going to prosecute the Intelligence Agencies? AG Garland?!

Is our nation in turmoil to cover the Clinton Crimes, or are the Intelligence Agencies covering their own crimes? The US is vulnerable to a domestic attack in the next six months?

Are Communist now in control of our government?


To sum, are Free Societies around the world dominated by tyrannical communist rule, under any name?

these "Conspiracies" are no longer just "Theories", they're facts that expose how dangerously close we are to losing our nation due to decades of denial of reality from those accusing "Critical Thinkers” of being “Conspiracy Theorists” (as a disparaging term! – of course we have theories!:)

Let’s add, as a bonus for the readers of the description:
Universal Gravity is a theory, not a fact, regarding the natural law of attraction. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.

Pay attention. Your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is at stake.
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