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(Part 2) Live Tutorial - What is a Stream and How to use it on Youtubes New Studio Panel Sept 2020
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Published a month ago |
Part 2 cos Google, got all twisted up queueing a new show using the same key
I didnt click stop live but it seems to do it when it shouldnt of happened but
hopefully you get how to make a scheduled live on the new studio.

From Time to TIme I do Tutorial videos, I was a training and tutor
for university and ran cad/cam labs for Uni and have 2 degrees
from 2 places as well.

Today Im going over the basics of Streaming and what
is the best way in my book to do it and control it.

Make sure to see Part 1

and the other how to use manycam to stream using
the slightly older panel before manage was altered a little

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