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Must Watch! Evidence 'Covid-19' Is In The Water!! | World Premiere: Watch The Water
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Published 4 months ago |
Keep in mind, 5G radiation has the same exact side effects (intended consequences) as the 'King Cobra Snake Venom'
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Sars-Cov-2 has never been Isolated, Purified, or Identified. There is no Sars-Cov-2 or Sars Cov-19 that has been scientifically isolated using the scientific “Gold Standard” of Koch or Rivers Postulates showing the existence by anyone, anywhere in the world!
Other than a digital theoretical obstruction made on a computer from a genomic database. The “virus” as many have been misled by the “media” (media is derived from “medea” the goddess of illusion) has never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterized or proven to exist!

Some of the electrical components being used in 5G tower installations bear the marking of “COV-19,” which just so happens to be almost identical to “COVID-19”

5G Cell Towers Installation started at the same exact time as the state of emergency was declared. Overexposure to 5G radiation has the EXACT same side effects as so called “C19”

Three military doctors have presented queried data to Ohio attorney Thomas Renz that shows a shocking and sudden spike in nearly every common “Vaccine” injury in 2021 among the US military. This data was presented by Attorney Thomas Renz (Renz-Law dot com) on Monday, during Senator Ron Johnson’s five-hour panel discussion “COVID-l9: Second Opinion”
Over 1000 published studies provide evidence that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are DANGEROUS:

New Study Confirms the VAERS System is Only Reporting Approximately 1% of Anaphylaxis from ‘Vaccines’:

Harvard Study:

ICAN Letter to Dr. Walensky:

The “Vaccine” Death Report reveals that MILLIONS of people have died from Gene Therapy Poisons:


'Omicron' is the 15 letter in the Greek Alphabet. 'Delta' is the 4th letter, and 'Mu' is the 12th letter.

Ovid is derived from Latin ovis meaning A SHEEP from the Roman family name Ovidious. Publius Ovidius Naso, better known as Ovid, was a 1st-century BC Roman poet who often wrote on the subjects of love and mythology.
"covid" backwards is "Divoc" transcribed as; in Hebrew, and Div0c actually means "possession by an evil spirit."
The word "Divoc" is transcribed into English as "dybbuk." The term dybbuk was used in Jewish mystical circles to "designate a spirit of the dead person, a notorious sinner in his lifetime, that took temporary possession of a human being, and dybbuk possession was always conceived as an affliction or an illness and the possessing agent a foreign dangerous intruder that had to be expelled."

Something to ponder:
There used to be 88 different media companies. Now it’s been dialed down to 6 major media companies. All 6 media companies get their information from Reuters and the Associated Press (AP). Reuters owns AP and Rothschild satanic bloodline owns Reuters.

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