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Arlington Texas Police interaction at Sarah Degeyters FBI COINTELPRO
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Published 8 months ago |
Now yet again, this harassment continues in yet another city, (Arlington Texas) hundreds of miles from the previous videos which were in many different cities. At this location to offer assistance to Sarah Degeyter, a victim of stalking, a beating and Rape in Harris County which seems to be linked to an ex Harris County Police officer.
I was trying to listen to a conference call on Ella Frees youtube channel when the neighbors were causing a commotion which was causing the dogs to bark all night, I walked down the street to see what was going on and was immediately approached by a few men that soon turned into a mob of 10-12 individuals. As they were acting aggressively and wielding garden tools (Rake, shovel)? I started to return to Sarahs RV lot as this group tried to antagonize me and wanted to fight for no apparent reason. I had never had any interaction with any of these individuals before, my only response when they approached me and asked what I was doing, was that I was taking a walk, this seemed to encite them and they called the police who offered little help.

After the assault in Houston, Sarah fled to Fort Worth to try to escape the stalking that seems to follow her where ever she moves to, she photographed evidence of what obviously looks like stalking behaviour, this continues on the next move to Texas City where I also witnessed this as well as recorded audio recordings of this same horn harassment, it now continues back in Fort Worth Texas area.

I encountered this same behaviour in the Spring Texas area where I had a Harris County Deputy stalking me, sitting in front of my residence, blocking me in my driveway, trespassing on my property for close to ten days before being arrested on charges in which he stated false information.

This constant harassment very similar to the well publicized case of gangstalking harassment found on ABC news.

This was done also in the original FBI Cointelpro program that targeted, stalked, harassed, and murdered activist. My mail has been stolen in two different states since 2012.
The FBI started this campaign of terror against me one day after a 35-40 man raid on my Anchorage Alaska property with a warrant for tenant Steve Landers. I awoke the next morning to start my car and had 4-5 cars lining the streets start up and proceed to follow me everywhere I went. This has continued till this day. After this event I have suffered almost constant break-ins to property, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in possessions and property damage, Arson, windows broken out of house, drugging, poisoning, set up by Harris County Police, vehicle tampering, electronic warfare, etc, etc, etc.
These are the same illegal crimes the FBI committed that were exposed in the 1970s and they continue today, many civilians have died as a result of their actions, this is murder and these criminals must be prosecuted.
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