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Learn Game - the art of seduction [17/33] Steps to Sexual Sovereignty
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Published 21 days ago

You need to improve your social skills… or to use a little more colorful parlance; to learn the art of seduction or game (for short). I suggest devoting about 7 hours weekly to reading and watching content on this subject…

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🎞️ 33 Steps to Losing Your Virginity - Full uninterrupted two-hour documentary + action plan + downloadable infographic

📖 Four sample chapters (ebook+audio) from my book for men - Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender: How to meet a nice girl instead - from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you!

☯️ 9 Steps to Becoming a Tantric Man - The first video module of my sexhacking course, Master Mind Master Body Master Her.

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