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The hijacking of Common Law in Britain
Published 2 years ago
From 2015 this video features the voice of the late (murdered by freemasonry) Patrick Cullinane who discovered that Common Law has been removed from all British courts in Britain where just like elsewhere, worldwide, courts are just private-owned businesses posing as courts etc, something most who are interested in this theme are well aware of today, in 2021.

Maritime Law has its roots in Talmudic Law.

Today's established political parties, except for a few outsiders, are all part of a worldwide corporate-political freemason system that have monopolized the election system so they always win, so they can write laws in their favor. In reality they have no right to tax us, but do it anyway, pretending the money will be used to run our country. This is a blatant lie, because they use digital money for that and have no expenses whatsoever!

Not only that, politicians are registered as private corporations within the mother corporation - your country. As shareholders in the mother corporation they make millions upon millions stashed away in secret accounts abroad. Governments and politicians get away with this because there is no real law system to take them down, as they control the courts and the private-owned police, as well as the media that is supposed to warn us about political crimes, but instead cover them up. If you want to know more about the world's political reality, read our articles.
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