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The Battle for UFO Transparency, with Terry Tibando - Part 1 of 3
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Brian Ruhe
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Part 1 of 3. Most people in Vancouver interested in the field of UFO and Extraterrestrial research will probably know or heard of Terry Tibando as the Coordinator of CSETI Vancouver who has for 30 years led teams of people on field expeditions to establish successful contact and communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Terry has had nearly 70 years of UFO (aka. ETV) sightings and ETI encounters and is one of the experts in Canada in understanding this phenomenon having had childhood encounters when ETI entered his bedroom on an RCAF military base in St Jeans, Quebec in 1953.

Terry Tibando's Battle for UFO Transparency, Summary by

• Terry talks about UFO sightings and encounters in Vancouver, Canada.

UFO sightings and extraterrestrial life.
• Speaker 1 is excited to share their UFO story and experiences in Colorado, but their wife is hesitant and disappointed about not getting a million dollar policy.
• The insurance company agrees to cover the case, but Speaker 1 and their wife are left with mixed emotions.
• Speaker 2 discusses their books on UFOs and eti, quoting Baha'i founder Baha'u'llah.
• Speaker 2 suggests that a star's stability is key to determining if planets in its system are inhabited with life.

UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.
• Maria Orsic and young women with long hair channelled information from unknown sources.
• Young ladies in a rural society began channeling and mediumship in 1922, continuing until 1945.
• Whistleblower claims Pentagon lies about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.

UFOs and extraterrestrial life.
• David Gersh discusses UAPs, tax, and non-biologics as military nomenclature for UFOs, which he believes are extraterrestrial intelligence and vehicles.
• Witnesses from military and industry gave information on UFOs to Dr. Steven Greer, but media coverage was limited and infiltrated by intelligence shills.
• Maria Orsic and her colleagues believed that long hair helped with channeling cosmic energy, which they called Burrell energy.
• In 1919, Maria Orsic stated that through meditation and concentration exercises, she and her young colleagues received transmissions from the star system older or Deborah, about 68 light years away from Earth.
Nazi flying saucer projects and their connections.
• Jensen's flying disc project received funding from real and Ful society, which was then passed on to the SS.
• Dr. Richard Pine and John Frost worked on flying saucer program in Canada, with ties to Germany and Italy's UFO crash retrievals.
• Speaker 2 discusses a photo of a disk-shaped aircraft with a comical suction cup on top, believed to be an early prototype of a flying saucer.

UFO designs and photographs from WWII.
• Speaker 2 discusses UFO design evolution, highlighting changes in shape and materials.
• Witness describes seeing a large, flying craft with open area for entry and German soldiers nearby.
• German UFO designs included a flying warship and cigar-shaped craft.

Ether ships and zero-point energy devices.
• German scientists developed advanced spacecraft called "ether ships" during WWII, capable of traveling faster than light through a wormhole.
• Experiment discredited ether theory, leading to energy Dark Age.
• Inventor Viktor Schauberger created a device called "repulsine" that could channel energy from the atmosphere and create lift, causing strange objects to appear near aircraft during WWII.

NS Germany's advanced technology and space travel.
• In 1945, US Strategic Air Force in Europe recognized German technologies, including flying discs and interstellar ships, which were kept secret until after the war.
• Tests showed that the spacecraft was made of a new composite steel called Victor Lin, which was 4-4 inches thick and weighed over 100 tons.
• The US and British forces brought 16 Nazi scientists back to America through Operation Paperclip.

Secret Nazi flying craft during WWII.
• Italian physicist scientist worked on advanced spacecraft propulsion systems during WWII, including the Andromeda device.
• Speaker 2 discusses German "foo fighters" during WWII, including the Donaire and Honolulu craft.
UFO sightings and government cover-ups in the 1950s.
• Adamski's UFO sighting in '50s raises questions about post-war deception program involving German scientists.
• Church leaders in Britain feared that revealing UFO sightings would cause mass panic and undermine faith.

UFO incidents in 1940s America.
• In 1942, unknown craft were seen over Los Angeles, with artillery opening fire, and the Roswell and Gerado incidents occurred.
• Speaker 2 reveals that the US, Britain, France, and Canada were all working on saucer designs and advanced technology in the mid-1950s.

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