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Mary-Jane Stevens Has A Bridge In San Francisco She'll Sell You Real Cheap, For Your 'Save Australia' VOTES!
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The 'Mary-Jane Stevens' = 51 (Chaldean) 74 (Single Reduction) Hero Story (LOL)

NOTE: If she really got the jabs.., she'd be in the morgue. This is a story to set up the NEW good-guy government after this Global Asset Stripping scam is over.

Former Masonic ER a nurse speaks out - 'Coronavirus Conspiracy' = 911 (Primes) & 330 (Francis Bacon). The Masonic Cabal setting up the 'Good Guys" for coming replacements for the new government.

'So-Called Jabbed' ER a nurse speaks out - 'Coronavirus Conspiracy' = 911 (Primes) & 330 (Francis Bacon)

Right...~ "It was carnage" = 147 (Francis Bacon) 58 (Single Reduction)

Mary-Jane Stevens = 51 (Chaldean) 74 (Single Reduction)

Mary-Jane = 33 (Full Reduction) 33 (Single Reduction)

Mary Stevens = 39 (Chaldean) 320 (Franc Baconis)

Stevens = 510 (Reverse Sumerian) 103 (Jewish Ordinal) 1030 (Jewish) 130 (Francis Bacon)

Mary-Jane is a Masonic Tool and has lived in Redlands since 2014 when she moved there to raise her four growing children, with her partner of 22 years. She is a registered nurse who recently worked in the emergency department of a Queensland Health hospital.

Previously Mary-Jane worked for two parliamentarians in the NSW State Government. She has many years of experience working in the private corporations in the banking, food and beverage and real estate sectors.

As well as a degree in nursing, Mary-Jane has a Certificate IV in Early Childhood teaching and a Certificate III in Community Services.

Mary-Jane is passionate about freedom for all Australians – regardless of gender, race, religion, age or medical choices.

Over the last two years, she watched on with sadness as freedoms were being stripped away from the people by our leaders, in all states and territories. Mary-Jane joined the United Australia Party to give a voice to all those who have suffered discrimination.

If you live in Australia and you still "be-lie-ve" in the voting process..., trust this woman as far as you can throw her! This Masonic 'birth-rite' Network OWNS both sides..., the good-guys & the bad-guys.

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