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TruNews Headlines โ€“ December 05, 2019

Nancy Pelosi has a meltdown on a reporter while announcing articles of impeachment. Trump wants to double U.S. deployment to Middle East. Israeli president considers pardon for Netanyahu if he resigns and confesses to crimes. โ€œThe Good Placeโ€ actress unloads on pro-life activists on Twitter. Hallmark Channel CEO says heโ€™s open to LGBT characters and stories on network. Early Rain Church elder sentenced to prison for possessing Gospel tracts. Doc Burkhart and Kerry Kinsey. Airdate: December 5, 2019.

#Trump #Pelosi #Netanyahu #Abortion #Persecution

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TruNews is on the air! TruNews is Godโ€™s answer to Satanโ€™s fake news.

TruNews is the worldโ€™s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. Our vision is to build a global news network that provides a credible source for world news, events, and trends while giving respect and honor to Christians of all major denominations โ€” Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant.

We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the antiโ€“Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.

Like David vs. Goliath, Rick Wiles is a citizen reporter who decided to take on the Big News Media. Starting with a $7,500 donation in May 1999 to launch the first radio program, Rickโ€™s faith in God and steadfast determination has overseen the growth and development of TruNews into an internationally recognized source of credible news and information in a world where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Rickโ€™s professional career was in media marketing and advertising sales. Throughout his early years, Godโ€™s hand silently guided him to be in employed in the latest new media. While in his early 20โ€™s, Rickโ€™s first media job was with a new FM radio station in the days when AM was still king.

In 1980, he blazed a path as a pioneer in local cable television advertising when CNN and ESPN were new start-up channels on cable TV. As a sales manager, he launched one of the first cable advertising interconnects in the nation. He was hired in 1984 by the Christian Broadcasting Network as the first National Cable Marketing Manager for the new CBN Cable Network which later became the Family Channel. In 1995, Paul F. Crouch hired Rick as the Marketing Director for Trinity Broadcasting Network where Rick repositioned the TBN brand inside the cable industry โ€” and played an important role in negotiating the early contracts to launch TBN on DirectTV, DISH, and the former PrimeStar DBS systems. Rick resigned from TBN in September 1998 after receiving a dramatic call from God to fullโ€“time ministry.

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