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The Next Dystopian Surveillance Threat: Carbon Passports, World Wide Censorship Updates,
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Published 2 months ago

The grip of surveillance and political control in Iranian universities has tightened, as the Islamic Republic attempts to silence the academic community. The widespread implementation of facial biometric verification, even for basic services, casts a pervasive sense of unease over the student body. Student organizations nationwide have voiced their concerns about these intrusive measures. A compelling video released by the United Students Telegram on October 1st depicts officials at Shiraz University mandating students to provide facial scans for access to self-service food amenities. While academia should be a space for free thought and open discourse, these invasive measures suggest otherwise. At Isfahan University, for instance, new students are now required to undergo face scans just to receive their student ID cards. While authorities argue it's a precaution against lost or stolen cards, the timing raises suspicion. This policy was swiftly implemented after the installation of new surveillance cameras across numerous academic institutions. Even more alarming, representatives from student unions have reported the presence of facial recognition cameras at the entrances of female dormitories at the Isfahan University of Arts. The consequences of this technology are deeply disconcerting. Reports from the Newsletter Telegram channel at Amirkabir University describe students being mysteriously denied access to campus grounds. No specific disciplinary committee or university president order was cited as the basis for these denials. Instead, some students were faced with threats of detention, backed by ambiguous legal justifications. The era of digital IDs is looming, but it doesn't end there. The introduction of digital carbon passports is the next significant proposal. According to a recent report by Intrepid Travel, avid travelers worldwide may soon experience a significant shift in crossing international borders due to the impact of global warming, which could lead to the implementation of carbon passports, potentially curtailing their wanderlust. Termed as "personal carbon allowances," these restrictions are projected to act as incentives for individuals to adhere to the worldwide carbon budget. With limitations on annual travel expected to be in place as early as 2040, travelers may find themselves having to relinquish the freedom of exploration that contemporary tourism typically affords. Collaboratively developed with the forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, the report sheds light on the alleged consequences of climate change on popular summer destinations like Greece and Majorca, which are said to become excessively hot for human habitation.

the next dystopian surveillance threatcarbon passportsworld wide censorship updates

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