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🚨BREAKING: You Speak Out; He Listens! President Trump Turns 180 Degrees On Red Flag Laws - 1606-6P
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 9 months ago |
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Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan have been commenting on President Trump's recent remarks regarding "Red Flag Laws", and they've also predicted that, in the end, Trump would do the right thing Constitutionally. As Trump breaks away from the crazy mass shooting media psy-op, he is now turning the corner & responding to the will of the people. President Donald Trump completed his 180 degree turn on the issue of background checks when he called bipartisan legislation a “slippery slope” just 11 days after telling reporters he did not agree with the National Rifle Association’s “slippery slope” argument. “The Democrats would, I believe, I think they would give up the Second Amendment, and the people that, a lot of the people that put me where I am are strong believers in the Second Amendment, and I am also,” Trump continued, adding, “And we have to be very careful about that, you know, they call it the slippery slope. And all of a sudden everything is taken away, we’re not going to let that happen.”

GUEST: David Riggall has been a police officer for over 16 years and has spent half of his time on a tactical team. He has trained new officers both in the field and at the training academy. He has had extensive training in response to active events such as active shooters or anti-terrorism training. He has had special training in shooting, hand to hand combat and attended multiple tactical schools. He has been involved in dynamic entries, barricaded persons, hostage rescue as well as fugitive manhunts and warrants. David is a TCOLE instructor, TCOLE firearms instructor and a range safety officer. He also currently holds certificates in SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Dynamic Entry, Licensed to Carry instructor, Simunitions instructor, Ballistic Shield instructor, Response to Suicide Bomb Attacks, Active Shooter Response and served on the Mobile Field Force and the Field Force Extraction team. David trains CHURCHES in firearm protection.



E-Militia Article: BREAKING: You Speak Out; He Listens! President Trump Turns 180 Degrees On Red Flag Laws

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