Weather War, Not “Climate Change”
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The evil powers behind the scenes have a dual goal of population reduction and controlling manipulation of those still alive. They capture and weaponize new technologies that can be developed to serve their purposes.

From the simple cloud seeding of the mid 20th Century, weather modification has evolved to incorporate Tesla’s frequency discoveries and lasers with technologies that can intensify, move and direct storms and hurricanes, foster extreme heat or cold, generate drought, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, spark fires and even melt metal.

As President Biden of the bankrupt U.S. corporation stated recently about convening the cabinet for implementing a greater response to climate change, “That response is to increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events, and beware we’re going to use all of the resources of the government to do it.”

They are attacking various areas with weather weapons to convince the public of the false narrative propaganda of climate change being due to human carbon emissions. This is to serve the drive for world government over a restricted populace sequestered into high-tech surveillance cities of controlled serfs consuming intelligence-reducing, life-shortening poisons.

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