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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #228
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-06-28

Topics: The Psychological State Of Police & Their Supporters Part 2, Mark was interviewed for Magical Egypt III, How To Become The True Media seminar enrollment instructions, Psychological Polarization methodologies, CoVID-19 as a massive Communist takeover of society, Police as Order-followers and Psychopaths, Characteristics of chronic Left-Brain Imbalance, Supporters of Police as Boot-Lickers and Cowards, Characteristics of chronic Reft-Brain Imbalance, the Cult of Politics, Politics is the belief in the shadows on the wall of Plato’s Cave, Objective Truth and First Principles regarding Moral Behavior vs. Immoral Behavior, Proper Moral Education as the True Solutions to human problems, the Satanic Death Cult vs. the Rest of the World, "Oppo-sames" in Politics as a Divide-&-Conquer strategy, the False Left-vs-Right political paradigm, Psychological profile of Police reviewed, Police do the bidding of the world-wide Satanic Death Cult, False Spiritual "Awakening" that many people confuse with True Awakening, the Trap of the human Ego, The Inability to say "I Was Wrong," What it means to be a Truly Good Person, There is no such thing as no such thing as a "Good" Cop, Utilitarianism deconstructed as completely Immoral through the lens of First Principles, Soul Trauma, Spiritual Illness, Damaged Heart-based Intelligence, Eternal Truths regarding Police, Police CAN NOT protect ANYONE, Police DO NOT protect ANYONE, Why ALL Police SHOULD and MUST be ABOLISHED, Kabbalah as a method of Proper Reception, Teachings of Kabbalah related to Natural Law, the Causal Factors of human immorality, Human Nature is that humans are programmable beings, Immoral Behavior is learned or influenced by bad parenting/misinformation/cultural belief systems, False Information leads to Immoral Behavior, the Breakdown of the Ego to allow for integration of True Knowledge and to dissolve false belief systems, Moral Education for children, Systems of Control built upon the false belief of "authority" are always Morally Illegitimate, the Personal Responsibility of Self-Defense can NEVER be abdicated to others, Being rules by a criminal gang that others believe has the "right" to rule is ALWAYS far more dangerous than criminal gangs taking over that no one believes has the "right" to rule them, Mark's quote: “Since humans aren’t angels, NONE are fit to rule.", Self-proclaimed "Christians who believe in the "authority" of Government are all Fake-Ass "Christians.”

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