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Sage of Quay™ - Questioning The Sacred Cow: The Beatles’ Official Narrative (Sept 2022)
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Sage of Quay™
Published 2 months ago |

Mike discusses his research on challenging the Beatles' official narrative.


🔗 The Beatles 1960-1963: Organic or Engineered?

🔗 Did The Beatles Write All Their Own Music?

🔗 The Gospel of Paul McCartney

🔗 The Beatles, Paul McCartney and The Grand Illusion

🔗 The McCartney, Stanshall, Ackrill Analysis

🔗 The Essentials of Paul Is Dead


🔗 Did Bernard Purdie Drum on 21 Beatle Songs?

🔗 Thelema Ritual Signs:

🔗 Ringo Starr with Tom Snyder - 25 November 1981

🔗The Beatles - BBC Sessions with Pete Best 1962

👉 5Tone_10 YouTube channel


🎵 Breathe:

🎵 Brain Dead:

🎵 Black Sheep:

🎵 Johnny Lightone:

🎵 Truth:

🎵 We Are One:

🎵 When You Gonna Get It:

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