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Warning Young Folks: Silence When We Are All Gone
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Published 3 years ago
Prof. Sam Vaknin
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People under age 35 are walking dead who live in a dystopian hell.

No higher functions. No intellectual life. No interests or hobbies. No conversation (“flat speech”): dismissive one-liners with no depth or background. As dull as drying paint.

Actions don’t matter, the heart matters, motivations matter: they are negative, you are negative, even if you act positively and you will be judged negatively.

Change from inside, yourself – and your world will change. When action ends, you are still stuck with yourself. Action regulates moods and pleasure, nothing else.

Working on yourself is good project if not tinged with anxiety or negative emotions like pain aversion avoidance envy wish to show off grandiosity or fear (improve, change, reach for goals, modify) not good driver. Outcome of catastrophizing and leads to negative territory.

Out of love, pleasure good thing not with gun to your head (same action experienced differently owing to fear), no background, no resonance with anything positive inside, just with negative which causes trauma and rejection of life and reality (loner).

Right things for wrong reasons healthy things for unhealthy reasons dissonance no happiness pleasure satisfaction don’t get you anywhere
What wrong with me? Doing all right things everything everything I can all right things but is not getting me anywhere why what’s wrong probably wrong with me.

Instead of doing right things focus on getting right motivations focus on feeling not on acting (action- not emotion- or cognition-oriented, it’s automatic, or following algorithms, commands, recipes like in religion or self-help).

As long as you don’t change your motivation, your emotional landscape/background, no action will get you anywhere.

The cart before the horse: emotions come first, actions second. Actions do not create reliable long-term emotions which create reliable, long-term actions and these actions enhance the emotions.

Not what I need to do but what I need to feel, why am I doing this: feel love reach out to intimate partners, friends, family.

Negativity can take you a long way (Hitler) but only so far up to a point and it always ends badly implode fall apart. Negative emotions not glue, but explosives not fear of hell but love of god.

Negativity and constriction are choices blasphemy (rejecting god’s gifts given to be used and god himself) spitting in life’s face give up on world and positivity sacrilegious also inefficacious.

Total rejection of life suicide biggest possible sin but suicide also mental
Switch to positive emotionality to motivate actions to re-embrace life
Religion god embraces life truth positivity love not death and isolation unbeing. Even monks reject all commitments except undivided commitment, attention, resources, energy to god – not life (marriage, family)!

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