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Arrested for a Facebook Post in Melbourne, Australia ("Mission 100 in 30")
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Timothy and Cheri McGaffin
Published a year ago |
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In Melbourne Australia this week at least 2 people were falsely arrested for making Facebook posts which expressed views that this coronavirus PLANdemic is enacting tyranny and slavery over the people. One was a pregnant mother named Zoe-Lee Buhler and the other was a young man named James Bartolo.

Let's get the word out that WE do NOT support the Thought Police of Melbourne, Australia and that WE DO support anyone to express personal views and Free Speech as long as they are not advocating for stealing or murdering.

Let's get a worldwide backlash going against the Melbourne Thought Police and give our heartfelt and support for those in Melbourne and around the world who have the courage to Stand Up for Freedom!

Once the Thought Police know the world is watching and we do not approve, they will stop bullying and intimidating and using the lame excuse of "just following orders" AND we will help to vindicate and reward those Standing Up for Freedom in Australia and around the world!

We will NOT be bullied and we are not slaves! We will continue to stand up for the Gospel of Liberty and against tyranny and slavery worldwide.

I have a goal of selling 100 Electrolyzed Water machines in 30 days by getting the TRUTH out (letting others know how I feel, sharing my testimony). I have nicknamed this goal "Mission 100 in 30".

See this Electrolyzed Water 💧⚡️ in ACTION here:

You can get it for as low as 45 USD a month here:;list=PLEbmejxOFy78CN4R9_kAaZB02D3m-HDnU&index=3

Champions Never Quit,

Cheri McGaffin
Timothy McGaffin II

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#MelbourneTyranny #MelbourneThoughtPolice #Mission100in30
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