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Great FOOD Reset and the UN power Grab.
Published 4 months ago

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The global food system faces significant challenges, including man-made food scarcity, environmental degradation from chem trails, emf, spills, toxins, and the decline of pollinators like bees. As concerns about food supply continue to rise, various potential solutions have been proposed, ranging from unconventional dietary choices, cannibalism, elimination of farms, to so called innovative technologies.   Without carbon dioxide, plant life dies.    This is a technocratic takedown.  Carbon Dioxide is only 4% of the atmosphere.    At 2%, the earth is dead.  
This VCAST aims to discuss some of the demonic proposed solutions, their implications, and examine the role of organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) in addressing these man-made issues.   The UN, like the WHO, is on a global dictatorship crusade.   Note, food would not be an issue if we were all taught to plant a permaculture landscape in our yards.    If we were all allowed to have backyard chickens and livestock, nobody would be hungry ever.     If we were allowed to tap into primary water like Libya, we could green the desert.      

One potential solution to alleviate pressure on traditional food sources is to explore alternative protein sources, such as insects that have parasites. In many cultures, insects have long been consumed as a sustainable and nutrient-rich food source.
But according to the NIH, many sources have parasites.   We are told that transitioning towards incorporating insects into diets could significantly reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming, as insects require fewer resources and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. But is carbon dioxide bad, no.   Additionally, the development of plant-based and cultured meat products offers viable alternatives that can potentially reduce the dependence on traditional livestock farming.   But it has come out, the cell grown beef is more toxic to the earth that God’s creation.    Really, it is a war on God’s creation and control of the food supply.

The idea of consuming insects or lab-grown meat sparks ethical and cultural discussions. While such practices are already common in certain parts of the world, introducing them globally would require overcoming cultural stigmas and aversions. Additionally, ethical concerns surrounding lab-grown meat, such as the treatment of cells and potential long-term effects on human health, require careful consideration.   Who really wants to eat tumor cells or bugs with parasites?

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and mRNA technologies hold keys of control in addressing food security concerns. GMO crops are said to be engineered to withstand pests, diseases, and adverse environmental conditions, potentially increasing crop yields and but often they need for harmful pesticides like round up.

It is a patent control the market and pricing of seeds.

However, GMOs also face public scrutiny due to concerns about their safety, environmental impact, and potential corporate control over seeds and food production. Rigorous testing and transparent regulatory frameworks are essential to ensure their responsible and safe deployment is proposed but laughable when one looks at who runs the Government – same players from the industry.

The decline of bee populations is a critical issue threatening global food security. Bees play a vital role in pollinating many crops, and their decline could lead to reduced yields and limited crop diversity. Addressing this problem requires sustainable agricultural practices, reducing the use of harmful pesticides, and promoting biodiversity to support pollinators and other beneficial insects.   What killing the pollinators, EMF, Chemicals, etc? The World Economic Forum and the United Nations play centralization roles in addressing global food challenges that appear to be created by the elite. They collaborate with governments, businesses, and communities to develop policies, initiatives, and investment strategies that promote centralized food and tracked food production.   It appears to be a control scam for all one has to do is lift controls on backyard farming and educate the masses on permaculture and value-added food products.   

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