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Idaho Homeschool Teen Medically Kidnapped
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Published 3 years ago |
Idaho resident Kristen a homeschooling mother brought her very sick child Brandon to the ER numerous times and they keep sending him home. Tired of repeated trips to the ER and extremely worried about her son, Kristine says she urgently insisted that they provide other treatment for him. She says she knew something else was going on other than just the flu. Little did she know that urging for her son to be treated for more than the flu would involve CPS, accusations of medical neglect, educational neglect and criminal charges against her. Its been six months, only limited weekly visits. This single mom and her son just want to be reunited. The court ignored evidence that mom was doing everything right for her son. The CPS workers avoiding showing that there is likely undiagnosed celiac disease that could account for Brandon's health concerns. The court FORCED visitations on the teen with an absentee father who chose to abandon him as an infant and provided zero support throughout his entire life. The COURT/CPS is traumatizing this teen in the name of protecting him.
HELP SUPPORT THIS FAMILY!! The court needs to see that IDAHO citizens won't stand by an allow the government to violate our families.

How you can help
Support the Family – Petition –

Court Support – July 11th, 2019 Canyon County Juvenile Justice Center, 8:30 –

11am Rally – Health Freedom Idaho Expose Idaho CPS – Canyon County – Idaho Health and Welfare

Court Support & Rally – July 16th 2019 –

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