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Is the Ohio toxic spill the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. History?
Published a year ago

Hello Friends! On today's Out of this World Radio show, I talk about the toxic spill in Ohio that was intentionally caused by Northfork Southern Railroad. Was it planned? Why did the Railroad deliberately want to kill millions of people and animals, and permanently poison one third to one half of the United States and Canada? Why were millions of pounds of extremely lethal chemicals released into the air and water of America's key farmland? Is this the greatest environmental diaster in American history? Three months ago, why was East Palestine, Ohio (population 4,700) the center of a government pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations and free digital ID’s were given to residents to track long-term health problems like ‘difficulty breathing’? Why was the movie "White Noise" released in November 2022 about a lethal chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio? Did the Cabal tell us in November 2022 that they were going to kill millions of Americans and poison and destroy much of the US and Canada? Will this be the beginning of the end of the dangerous and illegal Biden Government? How can we clean it up? Ted, Out of this World Radio,

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