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Metatron's Cube
Published 2 months ago |
** Big Pharma's Rape of all Mankind

- Banned.Video, Greg Reese – 27/Apr/2021
- Video:
-- The powers that be are obsessed with putting something inside of us
• The Morgellons patent is entitled “ Polynucleotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor. “ Check out Paten US6245531 B1 . Military Bio-Weapon with insect DNA Ecdysone in Humans US6245531B1 - Polynucleotide encoding insect ecdysone receptor - Google Patents
• Damn this was creepy ! Now I can see the mark of the beast and how easily it can be injected into the hand or forehead.
• The Theragrippers have a 666 shape.
• You can talk politics all you want in the USA. That is the safe zone, and has been historically so. It is a sporting event, and everyone enjoys it. Peter could have spoken to Jesus in the courtyard of his death sentence, but instead he denied him. One of his closest friends and disciples. But Jesus was just too raw and uncompromising for the god of this world, and it's people. And they all fled, and Jesus was left alone. But With the Father. It was only John who was there for his murder, although there were many women there. People like the safe zone. They run when the rubber really meets the road. They may even boast about how brave and uncompromising they are, just like Peter . But may just be another slave. Loudmouth and all. But Peter was forgiven, and we can forgive. For he later returned. And received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. You need to read the word of God more than the words of satan. There is only one savior
• I have seen someone throw up synthetic like golf ball size fiberglass type material all like plastic bag strands just like this. I had runny nose and sore throat scratch after these tests. These guys are freaks in the want of control. Homo and want us all
• This is so wrong. And we are the ones accused of being "conspiracy theorists" because we don't wan't to kneel to them.
• Masks? What about the toilet paper bro. What's in the toilet paper?
• I had to leave a comment somewhere about low platelets. My mom had an auto immune disorder ( not Covid or vaccine related) about 8 years ago and her platelets dropped extremely low. I just want people to know how serious it is. She fainted and hit her head when your playlets are low your blood doesn’t clot. She had blood coming from her eyes ears and red spots all over her arms and legs. From hitting her head it caused brain damage and she had left neglect even blind in both eyes from the left over. She’s an amazing women because she learned to read write talk and walk again but it took months of steroids to get her platelets back to normal and a lot longer for her recovery. It’s a big deal. Her Doctor tried to convince her of getting the vaccine but thank God I talked her out of it because the information I got from Band. Video. Thanks Alex.
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