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Published 3 years ago
Vax, Jab Injuries Deaths Mounting: Top Doctors Scientists, Health Care Workers: Short Compilation Video

Many have yet to wake up as to the mass murder going on all around them. The delta and other variants of covid ARE CREATED inside THE VACCINATED's bodies, but blamed on the Non-Vaccinated.

In coming 2021 Fall and Winter months will show everyone the horror and scope of this Genocide when 50-70% of THE VACCINATED will begin to weaken or die off.

They have absolutely no idea what has been injected into them and these toxic ingredients are missing from the vaccine inserts (which are in most cases blank) to make sure they never find out.

Sadly, the media is whipping up a frenzy to blame the healthy non-vaccinated people for the wave of injury and death coming this winter in tradition flu season. Especially when the already weakened immune systems of the vaccinated get challenged by flu's, colds, or a flu shot.

Doctors and Nurses, along with top Scientists and Lawyers around the world, lay it all out for everyone to hear in this quick 20 minute video.

It's unfortunate that the vaccinated did little or NO RESEARCH on this MRNA injection. The mRNA
injection is an experimental gene-therapy. It does NOT qualify as a vaccine under BOTH medical and
legal definitions. Although, in 2021 the CDC did change THEIR definition of what is a "vaccine".
Nice try... but too late !

If the people that got vaccinated had known the truth, very few would ever had volunteered for this TRIAL "vaccine" which has altered their DNA with multiple poisons - Graphene Oxide, lethal parasites, spike proteins, lipid nano-particles, and various paramagnetic nano metals. Each company has a slightly different formulation of these toxins. Japan just pulled 1.3 million of Moderna's vaccines from their market because of the discovery of these toxins. They are recommending the use of Ivermectin for their hospitals in Japan as of 26 Aug, 2021.
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