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The American Samoa Bat Quarter 2020. The Bat Soup Coin has been released into our monetary system in the form of a 2020 American Quarter!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published a year ago |
~ Please visit my website. My predictions about the broken supply chain are easy to access from there.
Locked-down in Oakland, CA ~ I recorded this video on 03/29/20 (Day 12) Our release date set for April 7, 2020 ~ Didn't happen. Maybe May 1, 2020
TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Yes, the Bat coin is real. The coin recognizes America Samoa, as part of the American National Park series. I have 2 and I am looking for more. Someone, somewhere made a choice and decided to release this coin upon us at this time in our history. It speaks volumes about what they think of us. Just like the announcement that told us that we didn't need to wear mask. Only to tell us a month later that wearing a mask was a good idea. They could have told us to make mask to protect ourselves. We're Americans, we would have figured out ways to make mask, but noooooooo...
The powers-that-be gave us bad advise and untold thousands of people have gotten infected because they were not wearing mask. Or, as they are telling the story now, the mask prevents the spread by the host. Seriously, things don't look right. Watch out for yourselves and your families. The Global Financial Reset is a Wealth Transfer, from the poor, and the middle to the RICH! Most of the transferring will be from the middle class to the rich.
The Banksters are targeting your home during this wealth transfer and they are empowered, and financially backed by the Federal Reserve, which has now become a federal agency. Meanwhile, jobs have been closed off, and all we have left to work with is our saving, our unemployment checks, and a $1200.00 stimulus check.
Question Authority! Especially when they are all in agreement.

Samples of Home-Made-Mask on Tomonews, on YouTube;

Steve Lookner (Agenda-Free TV) is truly covering the Virus story like a champ! has all of the charts and updates on this story is all over this story and they release the latest updates.
Join me on Twitter; Professor Curtis and the Crypto-Knights #professorcurtis
(My website)

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