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Kamut Wheatgrass for Gut Health (I Just Had My Breakthrough Moment)
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Published 3 months ago |
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Wheatgrass has been highly regarded for ages as medicinal gold. Kamut in particular was considered “King Tut’s Wheat” because it was originally found in the ancient tombs of Egypt. It is loaded with chlorophyll which helps the intestines move waste and toxins out of the body. It also increases liver function...which explains why I am back to my normal self. I must have been loaded with toxins that needed to be dealt with. It does even more on top of that.

In order to retain the full benefits of Kamut, you need to make sure it has been dehydrated at low temperatures so all of the nutrients and enzymes are preserved. It's also best to combine Kamut with other cereal grasses for max effect. And that's why I'm a big fan of Purium's Kamut blend. It also has oat grass and alfalfa grass along with the Kamut wheatgrass. You can get 180 servings for $29 (it's normally $79) just for using my affiliate link here:

Have you tried wheatgrass? How did it make you feel? Drop a comment below! 👇

Side note: if you're allergic to grains, have GI discomfort with grains, or have some level of gluten intolerance, just keep in mind that sprouted grass is non-allergenic because it's a completely different food than the actual grains themselves. You can be gluten-free and still enjoy cereal grass juices.

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