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Engineered Bioweapons, Medical Martial Law & Silent Killers
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Factions Of Freedom
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These days, I’d say we’re all the way through and on the other side of the rabbit hole. We all followed that trail, and now, we’re in the upside down trying to make sense of all the inverted commotion. It seems as though every day now is a step closer towards some form of an apocalypse, and all we’re equipped with is our dwindling sanity and smart phones.

Information of the coronavirus being engineered is beginning to surface, calling into question not only the purpose, but the implications of such an invention; that’s right, biologically engineered diseases are a real thing and they’ve been let loose on the public. Strangely enough, like Event 201, previous governmental officials war-gamed the inevitability of diseases plaguing humanity and have organized an action against it – The Global Health Security Agenda.

The gradual discussion of what to do with a growing restless global population is creeping into everyday life as diseases such as the coronavirus begin plaguing humanity. We try to shy away from the fear mongering and the gloom and doom over here, but we do try to bring to your attention the necessity for awareness and now preparedness, however that may look for you. With times like these, eternal vigilance is all we have to sustain ourselves.
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