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EPIC FUTURAMA Zombies Multi Pack A Punch Fun Video - MYSTORY Nr37
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Published 7 months ago |
EPIC FUTURAMA Zombies Multi Pack A Punch Fun Video - MYSTORY Nr37
Call Of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies Map But Futurama

Blops3 custom Futurama Zombies is epic.
Epic Zombies Cartoon in Black Ops and new.
Epic comebacks on custom map in Zombies 2020 gameplay.
New amazing Futurama Zombies Pack A Punch.
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Hello World, Hello Viewers!
As I make new posts and videos I am still staying with some gaming content for now at least.
This might change soon so this is a little hint or spoiler.
For this post, video or text blog post I have something really cool from the perspective of a gamer.
Someone was super nice and creative and made an epic Futurama custom zombies Black Ops map.

2:30 - ZOMBIES

The cool thing about the custom Zombies in Call Of Duty is in my view the fact that some crazy epic map creators like to make some cartoon art-style focused maps.
The cartoon maps based of Futurama are perfect for the epic atmosphere in some less dark and gritty zombie maps.
I might also have seen Fry and Leela or even the giant Lobster.


In this epic Black Ops game it is possible to have as many custom maps as you want if you don’t run out of drive-space.
In the video and blog post here I am focusing on two Futurama maps at once.
I also tried to edit some funny things into it so it is somewhat entertaining aside of me nearly getting eaten by rotten walking dead Zombies.


In this epic Futurama custom Zombies maps video I was able to play two maps and in the end also a little Simpsons map as a bonus.
Although the Simpsons map is actually massive and also features some epic art-style that gets me some comedic relief after playing many darker themed maps.


Call Of Duty evolved to these games and the ambitious creators of custom maps are very motivated to keep the community entertained.
I would love to see even more custom Zombies maps featuring the Futurama setting and I am sure that I will.


I also managed to get some multiple epic Pack A Punch activations on my main weaponry on the first map showcased.
This map is amazing when you figure out that you have to spend the money that you make on the Pack A Punch machine that is accessible through the teleporter.
With these lines I also tend to beg for feedback.
As always I mind reminding people a hundred times in giving my content likes as I do in my videos all too often!
Shares and many Subscriptions are also very much needed for an improving channel or blog!
Basically I am asking for shares and some free real estate.
I also need many comments even if I am risking to make the same jokes over and over again I have cookies!
As always I encourage everyone to read my other posts or watch my videos on infinite loops so I can acquire infinite watch-time and views or simply not.
Thank you to everyone who reads this, may you have a great day and may you not get eaten by a randomly spawned Alligator-Snail-Hybrid-Creature.
I have heard these things can happen allegedly.
Yours Sincerely,

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