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$ 1 billion in boxes of the International Red Cross
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Published 10 months ago |
The only reason you park a $1B in cash in boxes is so that it can be moved with out trace and used for nefarious means like paying off mercenaries!

The reason its stashed in boxes with a Red Cross is so you can move it through a War Zone.

The most convincing story I have found on this subject can be found here and it points to the Clintons - Obama crime gang:

It should be noted that IRC states the following in response to this video:

READ comments section of that page

The following has also been written in regard to this find:
Russian Intelligence intercepted 2 trucks of ICRC said to be containing medicines BUT actually had 1 billion dollars in cash in 100 $ bills...meant for ISIS terror operations in Syria and Iraq... Also, note that ICRC is a front for CIA terror !!

Another source on this topic can be found here:

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