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The side that is actually for racism ingeniously implemented a strategy where they convolute the truth until their lies become indistinguishable from reality. This causes confusion and in the chaos they drive their agenda forward with you on their side when they are your enemy. They will go so far as to change definitions of words right in front of you and have the audacity to claim that, either it is not what they are doing or, the change is for the greater good. The end result is they win and you lose. Which was the goal all along of course. It is clear from their actions that they covet victory beyond anything else. If you were against the last guy because they convinced you he was a racist, then by that same criteria you shouldn’t have voted for the new guy. And if you did, then I question your integrity. Are you really against racism or are you just against who they tell you to be against regardless of what is fact? Here is the truth the left and the Demolition Party spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince you otherwise; America is not a racist country. It hasn’t’ been a racist country for decades. It is not a country that was made exclusively for white people to prosper - that’s ridiculous. And if in spite of the historical and statistical data you still believe this country was created solely for white people, then I promise you our Constitution is the only righteous solution. What isn’t a solution, however, is implementing overt discriminatory and systemically racist policies against white people believing it will somehow balance the scales. Ironically this is the same rationale white supremacist movements used yesterday to perpetrate the very same offenses you claim are being inflicted on minorities today. Any attempt to justify combating evil with evil just results in creating more evil. Trying to squeeze good from evil is like trying to squeeze water from a rock - trust me you’ll always be thirsty. Also, America is not systemically racist, today, with the exception of affirmative action. And there are only two things keeping us from achieving the greatness that would be assured by our Constitution; and those two things are: the breakdown of the the nuclear family and the disease of socialism that has infected every major government institution instigated by nefarious elites believing it will solidify their rightful place as our all-powerful overseers. 



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