Dr. Uma Dhanabalan's Hard-Hitting Cannabis Facts
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Dr. Uma Dhanabalan testifies to the U.S. Senate in 2017 about the benefits of Cannabis, lack of negative consequences to using it, and the mis-classification of it with narcotics and opioids. Wow- It's patented, confirmed as a anti-oxidant neuro-protectant, too.

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan: Based.

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Amygdalin (vitamin B17) also kicks cancer's ass. Found in apricot, peach, and cherry seeds. Here's that video, and the link in that description is a massive legit (NIH) detailed infobomb ("The role of Amygdalin in the fight against cancer is imperative") Did your Dr mention amygdalin when you or your loved one got a cancer diagnosis? Totally worth checking out, but not totally worth me re-copy-pasting it here. You gotta click this link AND the link in that description. Probably should open it in a whole new tab, cuz your'e about to kick cancer's ass so hard

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