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Our “leaders” Are Ignorant, and Their Ignorance is Hurting Us. | Israel Anderson
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Published 6 months ago |
This is a clear and simple observation that when wearing a mask, vapour from your mouth and nose is now forced into your eyes instead of expelled away from the eyes. That your vapour, instead of being forced downwards by your nostrils as nature intended, is now distributed at everyone’s eye level for them to walk through and encounter their eyes. This -WILL- increase infections. It -IS- increasing infections. Yes you -CAN- transfer pathogens from your mouth which can handle them, to your eyes which can not.
Mask mandates come FIRST, then the cases INCREASE. We’re seeing this everywhere masks are mandated. Check your own states stats. Check others too. The masks 😷 are literally making us sick.
Reports of eye infections are now increasing. So why don’t medical professionals in the hospital have more problems with eye infections? Because they’re in a cold 65° to 69° sterile environment. You’re not! They’re wearing thin brand new masks that don’t function like a petri dish 🧫, unlike your filthy dirty moist cloth mask.
Please remember, science is observation and measurement, not somebody’s study that hasn’t been and can’t be reproduced. What can be OBSERVED 👁 trumps any expert’s opinion. Period.
Please stop and think instead of reacting. Very important to engage your brain 🧠 rather than your emotions. If you keep forcing your breath across your eyes, YOU WILL GET SICK from something when you would not have if you weren’t wearing a mask.
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