Canadas Economy is a Pile of Crap , Based of CCP Money Laundering , Massive defaults ahead
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Unemployment in Canada:

Unemployment workers in Canada rose nearly 20% in just one year.

The economy is struggling with job creation that can keep up with its population growth.

Despite the unchanged unemployment rate in December, the population growth resulted in almost 20% more unemployment compared to the previous year.

International Students and Unemployment:

The talk mentions the exclusion of the demand for work from international students who are attracted by promises of working extended hours while studying.

Unemployment Rate and Historical Perspective:

The unemployment rate in December was 5.8%, rising five out of the past seven months since April.

The increase of 0.8 points over the past year is observed, and although historically low, it still represents a significant number of unemployed individuals, reaching 1.2 million people in December.

Public Sector Job Creation:

The speaker criticizes the celebration of job creation in the public sector, stating that these jobs create more bureaucracy and red tape, making it difficult to get things done in Canada.

Economic Concentration in Real Estate:

Canada's economy is dangerously concentrated in real estate.

Residential investment gained in Q3 2023, making the country more reliant on housing than the US during the 2006 housing bubble.

Housing Bubble Concerns:

The talk emphasizes that the housing market is in a bubble, and there is a doubling down on debt related to the housing bubble.

Government Policies and Housing Market:

There is criticism of government policies aiming to build more homes, potentially exacerbating the housing market bubble.

Dependency on Housing and Economic Risks:

The concentration of resources on real estate amplifies risks, producing larger consequences for the economy.

Canada's economy is slipping further into dependence on the housing market.

Warnings Over the Years:

The speaker highlights that warnings about Canada's economy being too dependent on real estate have been issued for years, dating back to videos made six or seven years ago.

Impact on Canadians:

The speaker warns that Canadians are starting to feel the effects of the economic situation, with a focus on overleveraging, taking on too much debt, and using homes as ATM machines.

Social Media and Sensationalization:

There is criticism of social media for sensationalizing headlines without considering the historical context and track record of warnings.

The overarching theme revolves around concerns about rising unemployment, the concentration of the economy in real estate, the potential housing bubble, and the impact of government policies on economic stability.

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