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Mother tortured & breast ripped to shreds by VAXX poison induced CANCER
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The Prisoner
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Published 4 months ago

"After getting the covid booster in March, I felt a lump under my left armpit. For months it was pushed off as a side effect of the vaccine - my lymph node swoll as an immune response. This may have been partially true, making my tumor more noticeable to myself."

"In April and June, I got mastitis twice. I knew something was off. It physically felt as it felt the clogged duct was linked to the lymph."

"In July, I requested to get it tested. The doctor didn't want to over-react and opted to wait and see, saying, "it's either nothing or it's something." I told her I wanted to find out and asked her to please refer me for investigation. Scans gave worried looks, looks of pity which fueled fear. This was hard. The looks of concern. Health professionals were nice, offering pats on the back, hugs and gentle smiles. They started rushing the schedule for me. Thankfulness and fear fueled again. Then the biopsies. Traumatizing with blood and milk on the machines. Then the wait. Then the report that I have invasive ductal carcinoma that spread to my lymph node."

"I have been doing my healing and the current work through reiki and EMDR. "The body keeps the score" is what my therapist said before knowing and told me to love my armpits, strangely enough, because that is where mothers hold their children. I believe the body and mind are connected. I am healing. It's going to be a journey. A part of this journey is accepting any financial help as a gift of possibility. I plan to work with western and natural approaches. A plant-based diet, tinctures, herbs, juicing. I hope to work less to focus on healing and my boys during this time. Day-by-day approach."

"Please do not message or call as I want my mind on the present. Lots of love to all. Get out and jump in the river or ocean! Climb the mountain. Tend to your garden. Lots of love."

"As I am busy with many appointments, I will do my best to update everyone on her. Xx"

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