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Everyone has in themselves a little Entrepreneur & a little Bureaucrat; and we need the former to Save the World
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Published 5 months ago |
Most folks dream of the heroic entrepreneurs who made life great, but what folks do not realize is that entrepreneurship does not just stem from owners of businesses. While serving as Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the University of Texas, Mr. Hoover even lamented his relegation to the Business School. The traits of entrepreneurship affect all fields of life, and we need to know them to thrive, follow our plan and feel satisfied with our lives.

Sure, there exist plenty of big companies that once were little entrepreneurs taking on big businesses which had become bureaucratic in their refocus on "keeping what they had": Microsoft and Apple vs. IBM, Toyota and Tesla vs. General Motors, Walmart vs. Sears, and now Amazon vs. Walmart.

Because half the country suspects malintent on the part of the elitist "Great Reset" crowd exploiting the Covid hysteria, they know we need to not just advocate against their coercive tyranny, but also take on corrupt special interests in the private sector. How do we do the latter?

The greatest entrepreneurs had or have a vision, a purpose, a mission. At levels great and small, they want to change the world. And they have a plan for doing so. Rocking the boat and taking on outdated rules and policies are part of the entrepreneurial process. Doing things because “that is the way we have always done them” gets you nowhere with an entrepreneur.
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