666, the Censorship Industrial Complex, and AI
37 views • 9 months ago

We are seeing more and more censorship, particularly on the internet. Matt Taibi has termed the coordination of this from governments, academia, Big Tech, and "fact checkers," the 'Censorship Industrial Complex.' Is more censorship prophesied to happen? What did the prophet Amos write in the 5th and 8th chapter of his book? What about writings from the Apostle Peter? Is the USA government coercing censorship in violation of the first amendment to its constitution according to federal judges? What about the Digital Services Act from the European Union. Is artificial intelligence (AI) being used? What about for the video game 'Call of Duty'? Has Google made changes that are against religious speech? Has YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (X), and others in Big Tech been censoring factually accurate information? Is the US government using AI to monitor social media to look for emotions in order to suppress information? What is mal-information? Is a famine of the word of God prophesied to come? Will the 666 Beast and the Antichrist use computers and AI for totalitarian censorship and control?

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