Ukraine MISSILED a Russian IL-76 PLANE - Killing 65 Captured AFU Servicemen - being Transported to Belgorod Region for Prisoner Exchange
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First photo of crash used for thumbnail. 

Supposedly three IRIS-T AA missiles have been fired, two hit the plane and the third self-destruct after losing the target, which can be seen in the video.

IL-76 was downed by AFU over Belgorod

On board of the downed IL-76 were 65 captured AFU servicemen being transported to Belgorod Region for exchange, 6 crew members of the aircraft and 3 escorts. This is reported by the RF Ministry of Defense

“The leadership of Ukraine was well aware of the impending exchange and the method of delivering prisoners of war to its location; the plane was shot down by three Patriot or Iris-T missiles.


Another IL-76 with 80 Ukrainian prisoners of war turned around after the crash of a military plane in the Belgorod region, this was necessary to save human lives” - deputy Andrei V. Kartapolov

“The State Duma will prepare an appeal to the United States and Germany in connection with the IL-76 disaster.


Deputies of Western governments must finally see the light - who they help must realize their responsibility” - Vyacheslav V. Volodin

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