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Doctor says Viruses are Result of Illness, not the Cause
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Published a year ago |
Andrew Kaufman, MD, is credentialed in biology, medicine, oncology, and psychiatry. In this presentation, he shows that viruses and exosomes are the same thing. They are essential to health because they remove toxins from sick cells and tell the immune system to attack the cause of the illness. The trigger of this process (the 'cause') could be anything that injures the body, such as toxicity in food, air, water, extended fatigue, drugs, electromagnetic exposure, or old age. Any of these can cause the formation of exosomes. The significance of this is enormous. The global campaign to identify and kill a dreaded virus is, not only futile, it will cause even more illness triggered by additional trauma from toxic medications and vaccines. 2020 Mar 31 - Source: Andrew Kaufman -

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